We are founded by musicians who have studied under many teachers, read many books on music performance and watched about a million hours of instructional videos on music performance.  We have studied music formally in university and taken online lessons.  Over the course of that time we have come to realize that being a great musician is about achieving a very high degree of proficiency in a limited number of skills.  Which skills come into play depends upon what you are trying to do, for example playing a blues solo takes an entirely different set of skills then singing and strumming a song.  Some of these skills, like the playing of scales for example, can only be practiced effectively while in the room with your instrument.  With the aid of technology there are several skills within the broader category of musicianship that can effectively be practiced while away from your instrument, allowing you to harness the extra time of the day, like during your commute for example, to become a better musician.  One such skill at the center of nearly every musical performance is a person’s ability to hear pitch.

The better you can hear the better you can express yourself with your instrument.  People with better pitch learn faster, sing better and generally sound good when they play.

It is with this understanding that we have set out to create Jamaway.org, to help developing musicians improve their skills in a convenient and time efficient manner. The more we are able to improve our skills today, the better we will be next year.  Music is a beautiful thing, let’s make life as beautiful as we possibly can.